1.  Walter's 7 to 11-minute recordings of his newsletters. All the pieces are in mp3 format.

1. Ruminations of a former heathen 1

2. Ruminations of a former heathen 2.

3. Religions

4. What's in the future?, 1

5. What's in the future? 2

6. Inyo questions

7. Election and Free Will, 1

8. Election and Free Will, 2

9. Salvation

10. Godless religions

11. End of the world

12. Guilt

13. Law God gave to Moses, 1

14. Law God gave to Moses, 2

15. A pardon withoutconditions

16. Credibility

17. End times

18. Who has heard?

19. Chewing the cud

20. Willfulness

21. Doubts

22. Good Deeds

23. Can salvation be lost?

24. Which denomination?

25. Concession

26. Liberty

27.The Fairness of God

28. The demons in hell

29. Priority

30. God's Ways

31. God is hiring

32. Israel

33. Holiness, sanctification

34. Resurrection 1

35. Resurrection 2

36. Resurrection 3

37. Resurrection 4

38. Resurrection 5

39. The Good News

40. Facets

41. Mulling

42. Tender Heart

43. What do you say...?

44. On and On

45. Details

46. Peril and prayer

47. Denial

48. Secrets

49. Saved

50. The awareness of...

51. From before the foundation...

52. Christians and the Law

53. Laser Hope

54. No Title

55. Eagles and Vultures

56. Refuge

57. Israel surrounded

58. Just in Case

59. Sowing

60. Musings

61. Certainty

62. Needful things

63. Inexhaustible love

64. Christ everywhere

65. Wars and rumours of war

66. Grace in the covenant

67. Intervention

68. Proper order

69. Indispensable recourse

70. Ordained by God

71. Know Thyself

72. Christianese

73. Priest and King

74. The Daily Sacrifice

75. Prayer

76. Beginning of Wisdom

77. Increasing Faith

78. New Creation

79. The Baptism of Jesus

80. Only One Story

81. Stiffnecked

82. Judaizer

83. The Abomination of Desolation

84. A Whisper, a Call, a Hook in the Jaw

85. Roads and Destinations

86. How Close?

87. The Mercy Seat

88. Open for Business

89. Rebuilding the Temple

90. Cleansing the Temple

91. Castle Walls

92. The Argument

93. Human Nature

94. Forever Settled in Heaven

95. Cleansing the Temple

96. Love for God

97. Our Present Condition

92. The Argument

93. Human Nature

94. Forever Settled in Heaven

95. Unconditional

96. Love for God

97. Our Present Condition

98. The Biggest Possible Sin

99. The Essentials

100. As it is Today

101. Exact Words

102. The Works of the Enemy

103. End Markers

104. Big Bites

105. Praying for Us

106. Looking upon Christ

107. Invisible Battle

108. Faith and Works

109. Faith built on Jesus

110. Basic word meanings

111. Repentance?

112. Happy, Sad

113. Internal Support

114. The Call and the Ear

115. Everlasting Agreement

116. The Stumble of Adam

117. The Main Ingredient

118. Authority

119. Surrender

120. Reurn Home

121. Special Glasses

122. Things to Come



2. Archived radio broadcasts:

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 wk of 8-22-1
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Several radio program series written and broadcast by Pauline:





Women's Role Series

Giants Series

Grace and Sanity

Perfectionism Series

Sanctification Series

Relationship Series

Salvation Series

Grace in the Law

Repentance Series

A Simple Explanation-  written by Walter








Hear or download "Grace and Sanity" programs:

What you find on this web radio page are 25 years of our radio broadcasts, which last up to 28 minutes.  A person could get quite a background in grace and sanity by listening to what we have here!

All are written and spoken by Pauline or Walter.  The yellow panel to the left offers 1., the entire series of Walter's recorded thought-provoking "good news" newsletters, 2., archived 15-minute radio broadcasts, and 3., a list of Pauline's longer broadcasts.  Just click on one to listen.  You are encouraged to download them, and to spread the word by sending them to others.  God wants us to "feed the sheep;"  that is the job He gives those who have "got the message."

Our material is copyrighted to protect authorship, but we give you complete permission to copy (and send out) as many programs as many times as you like.  Our aim is that the gospel be spread, and you can help do that by disseminating our work, telling others of our website and also by giving copies of our programs away.


This is our enlightening 12-part "Fear" series. See how common anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, phobias and post-traumatic stress stem from the universal, innate sense of being damned:

Fear 1: Human anxiety comes out of an inborn sense of deserving damnation

Fear 1:

Fear 2: Afraid to fear? Sounds like a contradiction in terms but the mistake made by today's church is to teach that if they have fear it means they are not saved

Fear 2:

Fear 3: Overview of how all the anxiety disorders fit with in a Bible framework (by the way, we use the King James). Example of P Holmes' panic on the LA shuttle

Fear 3:

Fear 4: Panic attacks: intensity unexplainable if not from unconscious fear of hell

Fear 4:

Fear 5: Panic attacks, ctd

Fear 5:

Fear 6: More on panic and phobias

Fear 6:

Fear 7: Simple phobias; how the most common phobias are metaphors for eternal damnation

Fear 7:

Fear 8: Agoraphobia (fear of being out in the open) and social phobia (fear of being exposed in front of people): sense of the dark side

Fear 8:

Fear 9: More on social phobia; also commitment phobia, a characteristic of adult children of divorce

Fear 9:

Fear 10: Generalized anxiety disorder, or "all of the above"

Fear 10:

Fear 11: Post-traumatic stress disorder and the deeper fear that fuels its persistent symptoms

Fear 11:

13 part series. In recent years the secular world of psychotherapy has recognized the mental health benefits of forgiveness. However, secular treatments cannot lead to genuine forgiveness, which is a fruit of the spirit.

Forgiveness 1. Humans cannot forgive until they know God has forgiven them

Forgiveness 1

Forgiveness 2, More on the Law's foundation of human forgiveness; the story of Joseph as a picture of the forgiveness of God

Forgiveness 2

Forgiveness 3, The story of Joseph, ctd

Forgiveness 3

Forgiveness 4, Forgive us...as we forgive others.  Do you have to forgive others before God will save you?

Forgiveness 4

Forgiveness 5, Forgive to be saved?, ctd

Forgiveness 5

Forgiveness 6, Forgiveness versus a punishment orientation

Forgiveness 6

Forgiveness 7, Forgiveness, defensiveness, and the Lord's prayer

Forgiveness 7

Forgiveness 8, Grace and defensiveness. Why human defensiveness stops us from being able to forgive

Forgiveness 8

Forgiveness 9, How defensiveness leads to unconscious revenge, with real-life examples

Forgiveness 9

Forgiveness 10, How defensiveness, ctd.

Forgiveness 10

Forgiveness 11, The terrible dilemma behind those defenses.

Forgiveness 11

Forgiveness 12, Revenge, and and the only means of eradicating the burning desire to get back at someone.

Forgiveness 12

Forgiveness 13, The flood account as a picture of the forgiveness of God in the OT

Forgiveness 13

Series on Christians, overeating, other addictions. Do Christians judge those addicted to drugs and alcohol and ignore the beam in their own eye? If so, why?

Overeating 1: Bible explanation of addictions and depression: hunger to escape eternal damnation

Overeating 1

Overeating 2: Disease versus sin model; discussion of bulemia, anorexia as forms of pseudo-atonement, i.e., unconsciously trying to pay for your own sin

Overeating 2

Overeating 3: How come so much unquestioned obesity in the Christian church?

Oveeating 3

Overeating 4: Mood elevation: food as mood elevator versus the truth as mood elevator

Overeating 4

Women's role series. On sex-linked roles and their benefits from a Bible perspective.

Women's role 1, What is it that characterizes a Christian man and woman?

Women's role 2, Why does being equally yoked matter? The wimpy man and the domineering woman example

Women's role 3, How God-given male/female differences and God's recipe for parent/child relations benefit families

Giants: on obstacles to faith and how to overcome them:

Giants 1, How Christ vanquished the giants for all time.

Giants 1

Giants 2, Human defense mechanisms versus leaning on God.

Giants 2

Giants 3, Fear of hell, the biggest giant.

Giants 3

Giants 4, God told the children of Israel to walk right into the Promised Land. Ten of the twelve spies that were sent in to survey the Land came back crying about giants, leading the Israelites into the rebellion God punished by killing all those over 20 years and expanding their stay in the wilderness to 40 years. This is the way we humans are and it gets us into big trouble.

Giants 4

Our basic "Grace and Sanity" series on why psychotherapy is ineffective unless it is gospel-based. Find out about the basic, inborn conflict that underlies all religions and causes the guilt that leads to mental illness. Freud had no idea about the true source of all the defense mechanisms he found in his patients. Only the Bible explains them, and offers the only viable remedy. This is useful information for all, especially those with a psychological background:

Grace and Sanity 1, introduction to the series, Pauline Holmes' conversion

Grace and Sanity 2, grace vs secular approaches to mental health

Grace and Sanity 3, perfectionism versus grace; right and left wing perfectionism

Grace and Sanity 4, research on the mental health benefits of grace; comparative religions

Grace and Sanity 5, Carl Jung's false notions of spirituality; toxic religions

Grace and Sanity 6, When people talk about abandonment fear, they really mean a realistic sense of being separated from God. Only recognition of Christ can cure this fear

Grace and Sanity 7, More on the useful parts of Jung's theories; Walter's monthly broadcast

Grace and Sanity 8, Where Jung and Sigmund Freud help us understand our existential conflict, and where they are off base

Grace and Sanity 9, Freud, and the difference between psychological defense mechanisms and the one true defense against eternal damnation: the shed blood of Christ

Grace and Sanity 10, primitive psychological defenses that keep us from facing the truth

Grace and Sanity 11, More on those primitive self-deceits

Grace and Sanity 12, On the more sophisticated self-deceits

Grace and Sanity 13, Several psychiatric disorders from a Bible perspective: Multiple personality, fugue state, etc

Grace and Sanity 14, What have idealization and devaluation to do with fear of hell?

Grace and Sanity 15, Paranoia, the projection of the existential conflict onto worldly things, and the futile but fascinating defenses we call pseudo-atonement" actions that strive to pay the penalty for sin.

Grace and Sanity 16, More on pseudo-atonement.

Grace and Sanity 17, More on pseudo-atonement, focusing on "undoing" in bulemia, and anorexia

Grace and Sanity 18, Sublimation, or doing good deeds as a futile way to escape eternal damnation

Grace and Sanity 19, Denial of the law (antinomianism) as another futile defense

The entire 11-part series on perfectionism. It explains how perfectionism derives from the inborn awareness that one flaw separates humans from God, and that this separation is accompanied by a terrible eternal consequence. This reality is the underlying premise of all religions. We talk about the fact that all false religions offer only the impossible: human attainment of perfection as the way to escape eternal separation from God. The Bible alone has a viable remedy: God allows us to claim the perfection of Jesus.  This is imputed, or attributed, perfection.  It makes us acceptable to God, enabling us to escape damnation and have eternal life in heaven.

Perfectionism 1, The difference between perfectionism and healthy striving

Perfectionism 2, How grace counteracts perfectionism; the Levitical laws of sacrifice and Christ as their fulfillment

Perfectionism 3, How perfectionism is related to guilt and sin, and how sin is broader than morality

Perfectionism 4, The process of gaining freedom from perfectionism through internalizing the payment Christ made

Perfectionism 5, Seeing the perfectionism in false toxic" religions

Perfectionism 6, Secular forms of perfectionism that nevertheless have the same existential basis as the religious forms

Perfectionism 7, How perfectionism arises in humans: the inborn, universal part and the learned part that deepens or varies it

Perfectionism 8, Why there are different kinds of perfectionism; how mental illness is connected with perfectionism

Perfectionism 9, Depression, anxiety, bulemia and borderline perfectionism

Perfectionism 10, Obsessive-coompulsive disorder and perfectionism; Walter's monthly broadcast

Perfectionism 11, Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder; theories about it from Freud and Erikson vs the truth in the Bible

"Sanctification" series, talking about the problems caused by preaching against sin.  Points out the deadly focus on salvation through self-sanctification, or becoming Christlike through one's own efforts, in today's church. This preoccupation is not Scriptural and it does the opposite of feeding humans spiritually. It leaves them more hopeless than ever, sensing they are on the road to hell, desperately needing to know the free availability of Christ's atoning death,  yet feeling barred from it.  Instead, they need to hear that His shed blood pays for all sin, and that claiming this God-given gift is the only prerequisite for salvation.

Sanctification 1, The need to dwell on the gift of salvation. This alone leads to inner transformation.

Sanctification 2, Preaching against sin only leads to rebellion.

Sanctification 3, The end run by the Holy Spirit

Sanctification 4, The human ego and its selfish need for salvation. God catches us through our selfishness, not through any inherent desire to please Him

Sanctification 5, The transforming effect of salvation by grace. First he loved us.

Sanctification 6, The bad news and the good news: unworthy but forgiven. You're not holy unless you see how corrupt you are

20 episode series called "Relationships."  Our relationship with God is like a tuning fork. When it is in tune, all our other relationships fall into line behind it. This series is illustrated with many common problems in parent/child and male/female relations. You will see how they transform when the knowledge of being saved by grace comes into the picture.

Relationships 1, Establish a relationship with God through Christ, and all your other relationships will fall in line behind it

Relationships 2, Three different kinds of love, and how fear and pride stop us from entering them

Relationships 3, More on the transforming role of dependence on God

Relationships 4, Parent/child relations; love and guilt

Relationships 5, Parent/child relations; today's fear of disciplining children and how it leads to dysfunctional adults

Relationships 6, Parent/child relations; blaming parents; children addicted to being abused-why?

Relationships 7, Parent/child relations; parental neglect, why honor mother and father?; and denial of death

Relationships 8, Male/female relations; embracing the God-given sex difference and using the different strengths to advantage

Relationships 9, Male/female relations; m/f differences, false assertiveness versus true individuation, which involves dependence on God

Relationships 10, Male/female relations; true versus false individuation, rejection of femininity-the Margarent and Dave story

Relationships 11, Male/f relations; how to cope with the issue of feminism versus male authority

Relationships 12, Male/female relations; sex, guilt and Christians; the story of Bill

Relationships 13, Male/female relations; importance of forgiveness, story of Sandra

Relationships 14, Male/female relations; revenge, e.g. the adulterous pastor

Relationships 15, Male/female relations; the why of equal yoking, story of Alice

Relationships 16, Male/female relations; Self-esteem and co-dependency

Relationships 17, Male/female relations; Co-dependency, story of Patty

Relationships 18, Male/female relations: Pseudo-atonement and why women stay with batterers (men too)

Relationships 19, Advice on marriage 1, especially for those afraid of it

Relationships 20, Advice on marriage 2.

"Salvation" series dealing with issues surrounding our eternal destiny:

Salvation 1, How salvation is widely misunderstood as merely a worldly event like quitting substance abuse

Salvation 2, Reason to believe that the sin=death/hell equation is born in us

Salvation 3, The outward and inward signs of a believer, and how this might differ from what is preached in the church

Salvation 4, Blood on my hands: Am I my brother's keeper?

Salvation 5, More questions about election and free will

Salvation 6, What might Jesus really mean when he says many are called but few are chosen"?

Salvation 7, Why should I believe in hell, won't it just turn me away from the idea of a loving God?

Salvation 8, More on hell; how eternal damnation is not inconsistent with a loving God

Salvation 9, How the existence of hell benefits humans eternally

Salvation 10, Perfectionist flaws in false religions examined; what perfectionism does to the human psyche; more iimportantly, what it does to our       eternal destiny

Salvation 11, How it is that only a Christian feels safe enough to know how corrupt he is

Salvation 12, Hell and free will

Salvation 13, Can you lose your salvation?

Salvation 14, The mercy seat above the stone tablets in the holy of holies; what this picture does to give assurance to us

Salvation 15, The law of the leper, and other assurances of salvation by grace in the law

Salvation 16, More assurances of grace in the OT

Salvation 17, Those OT patriarches: corrupt sinners like the rest of us but loved and chosen by God. This shows that God does not demand perfection in us

Salvation 18, Christ in the Psalms: loud and clear

Salvation 19, Christ throughout the OT

Salvation 20, Christ in the Passover

Salvation 21, About the Day of Atonement, one of the many pictures of Christ in the law

The entire book "Grace in the Law," by Pauline Holmes. It shows the consistency of God's saving grace from Genesis on. It is not just a NT phenomenon. Mercy was in the law from the beginning. By no means did Jesus come here to start a new religion. You can purchase a copy of this book by pressing the button at the top of this page that is labelled "Order form."

Grace in the Law 1, What's this book about? 2 basic, deadly heresies

Grace in the Law 2, More on the 2 heresies: law without grace, and grace without law

Grace in the Law 3, Dispensing with dispensationalism

Grace in the Law 4, More on dispensing with dispentationalism

Grace in the Law 5, Evidence of hell

Grace in the Law 6, More evidence of hell

Grace in the Law 7, The eternal, damning effects of heresy

Grace in the Law 8, How heresy affects the human personality

Grace in the Law 9, The right-wing merciless personality who uses pseudo-atonement defense mechanisms

Grace in the Law 10, The dissociated, repressed left-wing personality who uses law-rejection as a defense

Grace in the Law 11, The left-wing personality, ctd

Grace in the Law 12, Christ in the OT; grace in the law: against a perfectionist interpretation of the Old Testament

Grace in the Law 13, Christ in the OT, ctd

Grace in the Law 14, Christ in the OT, ctd

Grace in the Law 15, Christ in the OT, ctd

Grace in the Law 16, See the grace in the law in the NT! Against a perfectionist interpretation of the New Testament. Looks at key passages that are widely misinterpreted

Grace in the Law 17, Against NT perfectionism, ctd

Grace in the Law 18, Against NT perfectionism, ctd

Grace in the Law 19, Against NT perfectionism, ctd

Grace in the Law 20, Against NT perfectionism, ctd

Grace in the Law 21, See law in the grace in the NT! Against a liberal (antinomian) interpretation of the New Testament. Looks at several      passages that have been widely misinterpreted

Grace in the Law 22, Against NT liberalism, ctd

Grace in the Law 23, Against NT liberalism, ctd

Grace in the Law 24, Against NT liberalism, ctd

Grace in the Law 25, Against NT liberalism, ctd

Grace in the Law 26, Against NT liberalism, ctd

Grace in the Law 27, Against NT liberalism, ctd

Grace in the Law 28, Is it only the moral law that is relevant for today? Are other parts of the law relevant?

Grace in the Law 29, The law for today, ctd

Grace in the Law 30, Circumcision for today?

Grace in the Law 31, What changes with the New Covenant?

Grace in the Law 32, The wonderful truth

"Repentance" series on the true meaning of the term: turning. Despite what you hear in the church, salvation does not require repentance from sin to precede it or to bring it about. No, it requires a different type of repentance: doing a "180" turn towards God. When you see that Christ paid the entrance fee for you, this makes you want to run into God's arms, safe forever from the lake of fire. Only after you realize all is forgiven--past, present and future--and the Holy Spirit starts shining light into you, do you feel safe enough to look at yourself and see how corrupt you (as a member of the human race) are. You open up and confess to God, claiming His forgiveness in the name of Jesus.

Repentance 1, Looking at the meaning of reprentance as simply turning, not having to involve repentance from sins.  You stop turning away from God and you turn towards Him. But how?

Repentance 2, The change of heart, or metanioa, or repentance inspired by 2 things: the reality of hell coupled with the blood of Christ that keeps us out

Repentance 3, How can I be so sure that salvation precedes repentance from sin when the church has it the other way around?

Repentance 4, The nature of the free gift that makes our hard little human hearts melt

Repentance 5, The frog prince as an allegory of human transformation; Walter's monthly broadcast

Repentance 6, The lion's cage and the rescue

Repentance 7, How to truly relax at the deepest level in the spa of God's grace

Repentance 8, King David and denial; why humans refuse to see their own evil

Repentance 9, How we spit in the face of God with our willful ignorance; Walter's monthly broadcast

Whatever happened to evangelism? Series on what evangelism is; the essentialness of evangelism; why a person saved from eternal damnation urgently wants others to know about the shed blood of Christ that redeems humans from this fate; and why evangelism has disappeared from the Christian church

Evangelism 1: What is the good news? What is church talking about instead?

Evangelism 1

Evangelism 2: What motivates evangelism?

Evangelism 2

Evangelism 3: Truth and lies about why Jesus came.

Evangelism 3

Evangelism 4: The main thing. Why Jesus came to die for us.

Evangelism 4

Evangelism 5: What makes us love God?

Evangelism 5

Evangelism 6: No transformation before salvation, no repentance from sin before the Holy Spirit enters.

Evangelism 6

Evangelism 7: Before you are moved to tell others, you have to feast on salvation as a total gift. Example: The starving lepers

Evangelism 7

Evangelism 8: What is the food, and who are the sheep?

Evangelism 8

Evangelism 9: Who does the feeding and who do you feed?

Evangelism 9

Evangelism 10: How do I evangelize?

Evangelism 10

Evangelism 11: The psychopath of human nature, and how to talk to it.

Evangelism 11

Evangelism 12: It's not about you; don't take it personally. Expect rejection and toughen up so you can spread the truth just as the cultists spread their lies.

Evangelism 12

Evangelism 13: Different modes and levels of approach when you tell the gospel.

Evangelism 13

Evangelism 14: Shy evangelists.

Evangelism 14

Evangelism 15: Dealing with discouragement.

Evangelism 15

Evangelism 16: Satan in the church.

Evangelism 16

Evangelism 17: The church of Laodicea and the church of "highs. "

Evangelism 17

Evangelism 18: If you are going to attend an organized church...

Evangelism 18

Evangelism 19: Common questions in the follow-up period.

Evangelism 19

Evangelism 20: General issues related to spreading the gospel; 2 essays by Walter: A pardon w-o conditions, Credibility.

Evangelism 20

Evangelism 21: includes 2 essays by Walter: End times, Who has heard?

Evangelism 21

Evangelism 22: 2 more essays by Walter: Chewing the cud, Wilfullness.

Evangelism 22

Pauline reads Walter's evangelical essay A Simple Explanation" in entirety:

A Simple Expanation 1: Why is the wall out there, why is there resistance to the gospel?

A Simple...1

A Simple Explanation 2: Begins talking about election vs free will

A Simple 2...

A Simple Explanation 3: Evidence for both election and free will

A Simple 3...

A Simple Explanation 4: Concludes that the issue of election/free will is unfathomable

A Simple 4...

A Simple Explanation 5: Does God decide on the final harvest before humans are born?

A Simple 5...

A Simple Explanation 6: The Book of Life is written in stone?

A Simple 6...

A Simple Explanation 7: Can a chosen one get unchosen?

A Simple 7...

A Simple Explanation 8: Lots of pride but no humility in today's church

A Simple 8...

A Simple Expanation 9: Does God add to the Book of Life?

A SImple 9...

A Simple Explanation 10: Salvation was never only for the Israelites. "Strangers" coming to Israel could be added to the Book

A Simple 10...

A Simple Explanation 11: The resurrection. Why did the Romans not produce a body?

A Simple 11...

A Simple Explanation 12: The resurrection, ctd

A Simple 12...